What is MyPromoJobs.com?

We help agencies connect with models

We're glad you asked. MyPromoJobs.com is more than just a website. Our full-time staff works directly with local and national agencies to provide you the most comprehensive and complete list of promotional jobs available. It's all about the Jobs. We are not like other sites that hope to get random listings. We are completely dedicated to promotional modeling and event staffing.

Our team is committed to servicing you, our subscribers. Our team is focused on finding and listing the jobs you want daily. Our goal is to set a new standard for promotional modeling.

  • Quickly search for Jobs in your area or field of interest.
  • Search by city, employer, dates or keywords
  • Save Time and Energy - Reduce Your Frustration
  • Every listing is a Promotional Job, No more screening hundreds of listings just to find one real job. With MyPromoJobs.com, there's no need to look anywhere else for promotional work. "It's about time."
  • Completely Confidential. Contact employers through MyPromoJobs message which keeps your contact information private until you decide to share it.
  • Post Your Portfolio and Organize Your Growing Career.
  • Post your headshots, work experience and special talents.
  • In this industry, many of the best jobs opportunities never get listed. Your personal portfolio is completely searchable. Employers looking for a particular type of model will find you based on what is in your portfolio.
  • Our In-House staff is working for you.
  • We are not an agency. We are a network, creating a family of promotional staff within the growing field of promotional event marketing.
  • Our member newsletters contain important, relevant information you can start using today to increase your income and grow your career.
  • Your contact information is kept current by you.
  • The moment you update your contact information it is immediately available to our registered employers.