Sarah Guerrero

Austin, TX

Manager: Yes | Tour: N/A | Height: 5' 0" | Ethnicity: Hispanic

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Last Visit Aug. 29, 2018, 9:12 a.m.
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Other Languages en, es
Market Manager Yes
Own Transportation Yes
Touring Crew I haven't been a part of a mobile marketing tour yet but would like to be considered
Driver License Type Standard

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  • Product Specialist
  • Sampler
  • Promotional Model
  • Spokes Model
  • Em-Cee
  • Bartender
  • Demonstrator
  • Bar Model
  • Character
  • Hair Shows
  • Trade Shows
  • Labor
  • Market Manager
  • Touring Crew
  • Brand Ambassador
  • Auto Show


I am a visionary leader who utilizes “out of the box” strategies to spark ideas that generate growth. With expertise in the outdoor, lifestyle, music, and adventure sports arenas, my background includes front end experience selling and marketing to everyone. As a valuable contributor to increased sales and visibility for organizations, I am confident in my abilities to generate superior results for a company as a Brand Ambassador. I enjoy developing winning marketing strategies, boosting brand awareness, and positively impacting businesses and communities. También soy bilingüe y amo hablar con personas de todo el mundo en ambos idiomas.